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Cuplock Scaffolding

This is a proven multi – purpose scaffold system which can be used for all forms of access and support structures in all sectors of the building and civil engineering industries, shipbuilding, offshore construction, demolition and industrial maintenance markets.

It is a scaffold system which can provide major savings in erection and dismantling times, and above all, it is a system which will assist in reducing ever-increasing labour costs. It meets the demand for safety in use, ease of handling, and reduction in maintenance.

It is the unique node point connection method which makes CUPLOCK without doubt faster to erect than any other scaffolding system, because up to four components can be connected in one single action, not four individual actions as with other system.

CUPLOCK is an extremely versatile system. It can be erected for straight, curved and circular access structures (including a specially designed unit for use on timber framed buildings), all forms of access towers and loading towers.

CUPLOCK is easy to erect – there are no nuts, bolts or wedges to fasten Horizontals to Verticals members, and it is up to 20% lighter to handle than traditional tubes and fittings systems.


Verticals are made in following sizes

SizeNo. of Nodes
3.0 m6
2.5 m5
2.0 m4
1.5 m3
1.0 m2
0.5 m1

Verticals are made out of 40 NB 'B' class ERW M.S. Black tubes confirming to IS: 1161/1S 1239

Cuplock Scaffolding


Horizontals are available in following sizes.

2.50 m
2.00 m
1.80 m
1.50 m
1.25 m
1.00 m
Cuplock Scaffolding


The bridging ledger has been designed to Provide a working platform where a clear span of over 2.5 m to 5.0 m is required through the main scaffold run.

Cuplock Scaffolding


Used in end bays to avoid use ofunstandard sizes of horizontals.

Cuplock Scaffolding


Designed to increase the Width of the working platforms.
Available in sizes 500 mm & 700 mm.

Cuplock Scaffolding