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When concrete is placed, it is in plastic state. To give it a desired shape, a mould is required to hold the concrete till it becomes strong to support its own weight. This mould or temporary casing is known as Formwork or shuttering.

The essential requirement of formwork is that it should be strong enough to take the dead loads & live loads during construction without bulging & breaking. Joints should be rigid & the construction lines in the formwork should remain plane.

Materials used for formwork are traditionally timber & steel. However with advent of multistory & high rise construction, modular Aluminium formwork systems are being used extensively since last few years.

This formwork system is precisely engineered in the form of panels made out of high tensile Aluminium alloy with the face made up of 4mm thick plate which is welded to a formwork of specially designed extruded section to form a robust component. The panels are held in position by us simple pin & wedge arrangement system that passes through holes in the outside rib of each panel. The panel fits precisely, securely & requires no bracing. The walls are held together with high strength wall ties while the decks are supported by beams & props.

Because of Aluminium, the sections are large & yet light enough to be handled by a single worker. Individual workers can handle all the elements necessary for forming the system with no requirement for heavy lifting equipments or skilled labour. By ensuring repetition of work tasks on daily basis it is possible for the system to bring assembly line techniques to construction site & to ensure quality work by unskilled or semi skilled workers.