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Quick Strip System


Early striking is a technique whereby the formwork is removed 3 to 4 days after pouring a slab, but the supporting structure of scaffolding or props remains undisturbed until the concrete is strong enough to support its own weight over its full span.

Concrete generally takes 28 days to attain its full constructional design strength. Most engineers will only permit the complete support to be removed after about 10 to 14 days, depending on the ambient temperature and cube strength test.

With today’s high costs of formwork it is important to use it as frequently as possible. Traditional formwork locked in situ for 10 to 14 days with a pouring cycle in excess of this is obviously outmoded by this system with its facility to speed the cycle of operations. This practice has been widely accepted through world for more than a decade where the rising costs of material and labour have proved that this system of early striking is safe, efficient and truly cost – effective.

Quick Strip System


An effective cycle depends on the equipment used, the management of labour and careful planning of sets. A typical 9 day cycle can be achieved as follows :

Day 1 Commence erection of formwork.

Day 2 Continue formwork erection and commence fixing of steel.

Day 3 Complete formwork and continue steel fixing and commence electrical conducting.

Day 4 Complete steel fixing and electrical work.

Day 5 Pour concrete.

Day 6-8 Curing time for concrete.

Day 9 Quick strip the formwork and start cleaning formwork for erection next day.

Quick Strip System>

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