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Work Cycle

There is a system for scheduling & controlling the work of other connected construction trades such as steel reinforcement, concrete placements & electrical inserts. The work at site hence follows a particular sequence. The work cycle begins with the deshuttering of the panels. It takes about 12-15 hrs. It is followed by positioning of the brackets & platforms on the level. It takes about 10 – 15 hrs simultaneously..

The deshuttered panels are lifted & fixed on the floor. The activity requires 7-10 hrs. kicker & External shutters are fixed in 7 hrs. The wall shutters are erected in 6-8 hrs. One of the major activity reinforcement requires 10-12 hrs. The fixing of the electrical conduits takes about 10 hrs and finally pouring of concrete takes place in these.

This is a well synchronized work cycle for a period of 7 days. A period of 10-12 hrs is left after concreting for the concrete to gain strength before the beginning of the next cycle. This work schedule has been planned for 1010-1080 sq m of formwork with 72-25cu m of concreting & approximate reinforcement.